Academic Tutoring

At ArborBridge, we understand that at any grade level, achieving your academic potential requires more than just help with homework. We create lasting mentorships that address the underlying academic achievement: mastery of essential skills, organization, and a strong grasp of academic material.

Online Courses and Homeschooling

No matter the grade level, completing classes online at home can be a challenge. It requires that a student work well independently: organizing tasks, staying on top of assignments, and sticking to a schedule. And that’s on top of the content they need to master! Our tutors have years of experience working online with students. They can answer questions about course content and help a student stay on track with the homeschool program they are enrolled in or the online courses they are taking—from elementary school through college.

High School

Today’s high school curricula present students with a wide variety of sophisticated subject matter. An evening of homework may include preparing for an oral exam in a foreign language, dozens of calculus-based physics problems, and a review of important historical periods. Given these diverse demands, it’s no wonder that many students feel overwhelmed. Our academic tutors combine their expertise in each subject with an ability to teach the “big picture” skills that are necessary to flourish in high school. We help students stay motivated by contextualizing schoolwork as a part of their lifelong goals, particularly college admissions.

Middle School

In middle school, students must cultivate organizational and time-management habits as they move through a departmentalized learning environment for the first time. Moreover, unlike elementary school, middle school is defined by test-taking and elaborate written work. Success hinges on the development of skills such as analytical thinking, critical questioning, and note-taking that students will rely on for the rest of their academic careers. Our tutors stress these skills while guiding students through increasingly complex academic content.

Elementary School

In elementary school, students move from learning essential skills (i.e. foundational literacy and math skills) to more complex mathematical problem-solving and written expression. We believe that a positive experience in elementary school is essential because it helps determine a student’s attitude toward learning later in life. After working with an ArborBridge tutor, our students enter middle school as strong readers, proficient writers, and—most importantly—enthusiastic learners.

“ArborBridge is organized, professional, and experienced. At every level, we were very satisfied, and my son’s grade in precalculus has improved. Most importantly, my son’s feelings and confidence level are maturing due to his tutor’s approach. I have two sons and years of experience raising them. I give ArborBridge 5 very big stars and a huge thank you.”

Tom P., Father of Max

(11th grader at The Packer Collegiate Institute) 

“ArborBridge does an excellent job of matching your student’s personality and learning style with a tutor that will complement them. Their tutors are consummate professionals and excel in their area of expertise!”

Terry G., Mother of Peter

(8th grader at Palms Gifted Magnet)

“We all loved Jamie right away because of her friendly and positive personality. Then when she started working with my kids I saw how amazing she is. It is really great to know that the struggles my kids have been facing in school are actually nearing an end because of the help ArborBridge is already giving them. They are getting organized, caught up and best of all, motivated.”

Melissa W., Mother of Lisa

(5th grader)