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What’s inside our Self Prep Guides?

Our 5-Step Process

Our 5-Step Process for each section of the ACT ensures you focus only on the areas on which you need the most work. Begin by familiarizing yourself with each section’s timing and content then identify resources and practice.

How to request a practice ACT

ArborBridge offers free practice ACT exams for students around the world. We provide you with a customized score report, complete with recommended lessons to pinpoint your areas of weakness.

Guide to ACT English Self Prep

The English section is first on the ACT. It tests grammar rules, punctuation, and more.

Guide to ACT Math Self Prep

The Math section tests statistics, arithmetic, algebra, geometry, precalc, and trigonometry.

Guide to ACT Reading Self Prep

The Reading section of the ACT tests speed and instant recall of facts from passages.

Guide to ACT Science Self Prep

The Science section focuses more on logic and scientific thinking than actual scientific knowledge.

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