DuncanBerklee College

    B.M. Berklee College

    Years Experience

    Tutoring the SAT and ACT since 2016.

    About Duncan

    Duncan graduated magna cum laude with a double degree from Berklee College, which he attended in part on the Berklee Achievement Scholarship. His passion for tutoring and teaching began at age 17 during his gap year between high school and college. After an exemplary high school career that included scoring in the 96th percentile on the SAT Math section and earning a Gold Medal in the National Latin Exam, he worked for City Year in Boston, where he was an assistant teacher in a tough 7th grade classroom. Duncan was trained in Behavioral Management and worked extensively with young people with learning disabilities. Thrown right into the fire at a young age, he quickly learned that education can be more effective when the environment is not only productive, but fun as well.

    A test prep tutor since 2016, Duncan likes to treat the SAT and ACT like puzzles: solvable and satisfying. As a lover of games and sports, Duncan makes the tutoring experience exciting and enjoyable for students, who have seen as much as double-digit score increases on the ACT. One of his recent ACT students achieved a reading score leap from a 26 to a 35.

    Duncan embraces the human aspect in his tutoring. He’s a firm believer that trusting your tutor as an educator begins with trusting them as a person. He loves connecting with students on various levels whether it be sports, music, or movies. Humor is one of his favorite tools, and he believes that tutoring can be productive and challenging while also being light and engaging. As a music industry professional, who released a full-length album while still in college and has music featured on networks such as ABC and Netflix, he loves art and culture and weaves creativity into all of his lessons.

    Noteworthy Accomplishments

    • Duncan recently helped one of his ACT students reach a composite 35, an 8-point improvement from a 27 that earned a scholarship to their top choice university.
    • One of Duncan’s recent SAT students improved over 200 points from diagnostic to official exam.

    Fun Facts

    • Duncan was an excellent high school soccer player before his career was cut short by knee injuries.
    • Duncan has a three-and-a-half octave vocal range.