Eric I.Portland State University

    B.S. Biochemistry, Arizona State University
    Ph.D. Biology, Portland State University

    Years Experience

    Teaching and tutoring Biology and Chemistry since 2009.

    About Eric

    Originally from the sun-drenched metropolis of Phoenix, AZ, Eric currently resides in Sacramento, CA. Eric’s love for science and research led him to pursue a PhD in Biology at Portland State University, where he studied virus-host interactions in hot spring environments. While in graduate school, Eric was bitten by the teaching bug and hasn’t looked back since.

    Following graduate school, Eric spent two years teaching a variety of high school science courses in Boston, MA. His experience teaching AP courses helped him better understand what it takes to be successful in these challenging classes. Eric loves working with students of all levels and abilities and operates under the philosophy that all students are capable of succeeding if they are committed, dedicated, and willing to try. Eric takes pride in his ability to explain difficult concepts in easy-to-understand language and feels that his calm and patient personality makes him a strong teacher.

    Eric’s academic background and years of teaching experience have instilled in him a passion for education. He possesses high expectations while simultaneously providing students with a comfortable and safe place to grow.

    Noteworthy Accomplishments

    • Eric was the recipient of National Science Foundation grant to pursue a research project in Beijing in 2012.
    • Eric developed content for Khan Academy’s Biology curriculum.

    Fun Facts

    • Eric loves watching his favorite soccer team, Arsenal, every chance he gets
    • Eric enjoys traveling, and his favorite trip was to Indonesia for his honeymoon.