Jayme LynnUniversity of Southern California

    B.A. University of Southern California

    Years Experience

    Tutoring the SAT, ACT, ISEE, SSAT, and SAT Math Subject Tests, and academic subjects including Mathematics, Writing, English, and Psychology since 2008. 

    About Jayme Lynn

    Educated at the University of Southern California, Jayme Lynn has deep training and extensive experience as both an academic and test prep tutor as well as a mentor. Tutoring students in a myriad of subjects from kindergarten through the college level allows Jayme Lynn to have a well-rounded perspective on what her students need. She is able to easily identify any holes students might have in their learning and fill in those gaps, allowing her students to achieve their academic goals.

    After graduating cum laude and with Honors from USC, Jayme Lynn was one of the first tutors hired at ArborBridge, and with the exception of its founders, she is the longest standing employee. She has become a master of the ever-changing world of education, as tests and school requirements have evolved from traditional paper and pencil academics to the technological world of iPads and computer-based testing. She has helped students raise their SAT Math scores over 120 points while guiding them through writing their college essays, helping them gain admission to their top choice universities.

    Jayme Lynn’s passion and humor help students instantly feel comfortable and know that they’re in good hands. She makes it a personal goal to help each of her students fall in love with learning and push through the overwhelm of academic pressure and expectations.

    Noteworthy Accomplishments

    • 95% of Jayme Lynn’s students have been admitted to their top choice private middle or high school.
    • Jayme Lynn has brought students’ Math Achievement ISEE scores up from a 2 to a 9. She also has helped numerous students achieve a score of 9 in each section of the ISEE.

    Fun Facts

    • Jayme Lynn is a professional actress so you may recognize her from TV!
    • You may also recognize Jayme Lynn from your local Starbucks. She’s a sucker for their Trenta Iced Green Tea.