Jon S.Hope College

    B.A. Hope College
    M.F.A. University of Houston

    Years Experience

    Tutoring the ISEE, SSAT, SHSAT, AP English, SAT Subject Test Literature, math, psychology, US history, and college essay writing since 2008.

    About Jon

    A Fulbright scholar hailing from Michigan, Jon has been tutoring and teaching in many different arenas—from the elementary school classroom to the university hall to one-on-one in your living room—for the last several years. Jon has worked with over 500 students both in and out of the classroom with wonderful success. He utilizes his outgoing nature and creativity to create a fun atmosphere for the students and make progress toward their goals or target scores. Jon also has a passion for special needs and teaches Saturday afternoons with the non-profit program Sparkidz. When not guiding young minds, you can find Jon on the stage or big and small screens.

    Noteworthy Accomplishments

    • Jon is a Fulbright Scholar.
    • He took a student from an ACT score of 22 to a 35.

    Fun Facts

    • Jon once played an Amish man on television.
    • He has 6 siblings and has lived/worked in over 10 different states and 3 different countries.