Lisa R.Louisiana State University

    B.A. Louisiana State University

    Years Experience

    Teaching and tutoring the ACT, SAT, and PSAT since 2014.

    About Lisa

    “Don’t you wish you got paid to go to school?” This is a question Lisa often asks her tutoring students because it is exactly what happened to her when she scored a 34 on the ACT her junior year of high school. Her score, along with a 4.57 GPA, earned her admission into her choice of Ivy League schools, but Lisa chose instead to accept the full ride to her state school, where she received the Chancellor’s Alumni Scholarship, offered only to the top 10 incoming freshmen. Lisa knows how important it is to tap into student motivation, and since her own test scores sent her to school with a spending stipend in hand, she works diligently to help students understand the life-changing opportunities a strong test score can provide.  

    At LSU Lisa completed coursework in French, Spanish, Arabic, and Hebrew, studying International Studies and Linguistics with a focus on the Middle East and Africa. She received thousands of dollars in scholarship money to study abroad and was named a Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society Emerging Scholar in 2008. She graduated summa cum laude as a University Medalist, a distinction only given to students who earn a 4.0 GPA every semester.

    Since college, Lisa has worked in the test prep world for five years, teaching both verbal and quantitative content in the classroom, delivering professional development to teachers around the country, and writing and developing test prep curricula for an array of high school standardized tests. In the last year alone, her contributions to test prep material impacted over 135,000 students, and throughout the course of her career, the various programs she’s helped develop have reached nearly 400,000 students.

    Lisa’s greatest strength has always been her love of learning. She is relentless in her efforts to cultivate this same passion in her students. She recognizes education as a gateway to a better future on both the individual and societal level, and this understanding fuels her efforts to empower and equip students for success. In fact, Lisa’s only regret about school is not seeking out test prep to boost her ACT score from a 34 to a perfect 36, but she’s ready to make up for it one student at time at ArborBridge.

    Noteworthy Accomplishments

    • In 2016, Lisa swam around the island of Key West, a 12.5 mile open-water ocean swim. She finished in 8.25 hours.
    • Lisa has been volunteering in her community since she was a pre-teen, beginning with animal shelters, nursing homes, and cancer treatment centers. In the last decade, she has dedicated her efforts toward student literacy programs and in sexual assault prevention and response. She recently received the Social Impact Award “to honor her remarkable and enduring passion for social change.”

    Fun Facts

    • Lisa has two cats named JayZ and Beyonce.
    • She loves baking and makes custom cakes for people with food allergies.