MartinUniversity of California, Irvine

    B.A. Purdue University
    M.F.A. University of California, Irvine

    Years Experience

    Tutoring the GRE since 2009.

    About Martin

    An intellectual by nature, with a higher education background that ranges from political science to theatre, Martin has been teaching and tutoring test prep for over a decade. He also has lectured at Purdue University, his undergraduate alma mater, since 2013.

    Martin has tutored students preparing for nearly every high school, college, or graduate level exam, with particular specialization in the GRE, and has worked with students from many backgrounds and preparedness levels, including students returning to school after significant time away. One of his favorite GRE success stories is that of helping a self-described “poor reader” improve her score to reach the 96th percentile of the verbal portion of the exam. His students have attended some of the most prestigious undergraduate and graduate schools in the United States, including Ivy League universities, and have gone on to become successful members their chosen fields, including law, medicine, business, and public service. Martin has contributed to published works on standardized test preparation and has even trained new teachers and tutors in both SAT and GRE test prep instruction.

    Martin absolutely loves learning new things and aims to inspire the same love of knowledge in his students.  He also has an understanding of the pressures associated with test-taking and does his best to help students manage and even make use of these stresses.

    Noteworthy Accomplishments

    • Martin has seen GRE scores jump over 50 points over the course of a tutoring period.
    • He has taught at least a portion of nearly every major standardized test offered to high school and college students.

    Fun Facts

    • Martin loves to bake bread.
    • He is a passionate supporter of Chelsea FC.