Student Testimonials

We help students from Venezuela to China get one step closer to their dream school by guiding them to achieve their highest possible scores. Hear what they have to say about working with ArborBridge!

“ArborBridge tutoring has helped me tremendously in terms of preparation for the SAT. Within the two months that I worked with my tutor, Josh H., I learned numerous techniques to improve my score and speed in taking the test. Not only did I see my scores increase with each practice test I took, but I also had an absolute blast working with Josh. His funny and energetic character always made the sessions feel lively, and his explanations always made confusing problems seem simple. By following his instructions and applying the skills I learned, I felt much more confident by the day of the test and was able to reach my targeted score on my first try. Thank you so much Josh for all of your help! I definitely could not have done it without you.”

Daniel W.
(Final Score: 1560, +90 pts)

“About a month before the next SAT test date, I decided that I wanted to take the Physics Subject Test. I took Physics at school, but there were several topics covered in the Subject Test that we hadn’t learned at school. So I decided to ask ArborBridge for help, after having already had a great experience with their ACT prep program. In the short time period of just over a month, we covered all of the unfamiliar topics on the Subject Test, with homework assignments and practice tests along the way to test my learning. My tutor Owen was friendly, knowledgeable and was really flexible with his timings, which was great because my schedule was often subject to change. With a score of 630 before any prep, I got a 760 on the actual test, which speaks volumes about the quality of ArborBridge’s tutoring.”

Rajdeep B.
Kuwait, Physics Subject Test
(Final Score: 760, +130 pts)

“John is a energetic, wonderful and lively tutor. He is by far the BEST teacher I had ever come across. He is a result-oriented tutor and is a go-to guy during your time of distress. His techniques are amazing. They are based on logic rather than perception. He always emphasis the notion ‘provide your answer with evidence from the passage.’ John has helped me get 36 out of 36 in the Science section of the ACT. The way he plans for the session is just unbelievable and brilliant. I would strongly recommend John as the best faculty to my peers who are planning to go abroad for pursuing their studies.”

Sriram S.
India, ACT
(Final Score: 32, +9 pts)

“I came to ArborBridge based on the recommendation of a friend who’d used them. When I started my studying I had almost no knowledge about the American exam system and went through a very steep learning curve with Dan. The tutoring was always driven by specific improvement which was incredibly helpful and allowed me to improve very quickly, eventually ending up with a score far better than anything I would have expected when I started.”

Nick W.
(Final Score: 36, +4 pts)

“Tutoring with ArborBridge has been an extremely positive and profitable experience. My tutor, Josh H., organized our sessions meticulously and was always available for support. I managed to improve my scores in all areas of the ACT and learned how to manage time effectively under pressure. I highly recommend ArborBridge to everyone who is taking the ACT. ”

Virginia P.
Italy, ACT
(Final Score: 31, +3 pts)

“ArborBridge was truly a significant factor in my road to being accepted to my dream university. The hours spent together with my tutor Jodie systemized the preparation process for the SAT and exposed me to various uncharted strategies and techniques, which facilitated towards a constant improvement in the overall score. Also, I would like to express my gratitude for Jodie, who created a very warm, but motivating learning environment during our lessons and was always thorough and clear while not only correcting my mistakes, but making sure I have developed the important skills not to repeat them.”

Povilas K.
Lithuania, SAT (pre-2016)
(Final Score: 2000, +320 pts)

“With Lisa’s help and guidance I was able to make a real improvement in my test scores. She really focused on the areas I needed to improve rather than a more general approach. At the end of the process, I was admitted to Stanford, my dream school. While the admission process is holistic, without the improvement in my test scores, I would not have been successful.”

Alex M.
UK, SAT (pre-2016)
(Final Score: 2080, +240 pts)

“It was incredible to work with Jodie. Not only is she very kind, funny and caring but she also helped me so much with my ACT prep. We had great laughs and truly formed a relationship even though we never met. She gave me all the insights to the ACT methodology and taught me a clear solid structure of the exam. I would absolutely recommend Jodie to anyone!!!”

Sara T.

“I see Paul as the final piece to my college application puzzle—and it was a perfect fit. Not only did we get along immediately thanks to his jovial personality and sense of humor, but his strategic cleverness and vast mathematical knowledge were invaluable in helping me conquer the ACT Math and Science sections, which were the most challenging. Lessons were personalized, and his flexible schedule allowed for optimized learning. Really, I could not have asked for a better tutor and tutoring program. His dedication and commitment have helped me gain entrance to Harvard University, which not long ago was a distant dream.”

Isabela V.
Brazil, ACT
(Final Score: 34, +8 pts)

“I had a great experience with ArborBridge. The tutors were very competent and cooperative. They arranged the lessons in and efficient and targeted way. They focussed on my weaknesses and helped me improve in those specific areas. I also liked how flexible the program was. It was easy to shift lessons or create a new schedule.”

Natalie K.
Austria, SAT

“The tutoring sessions really allowed me to focus on my strengths and weaknesses in the SAT on my terms and hours. Working with a tutor from ArborBridge really allowed me to build my confidence with the test without feeling so much of the stress and pressure which is something different from other classes and really gave it a personal feel. It was a really helpful and valuable experience.”

Marina D.
Germany, SAT

“I have never experienced tutoring through Skype, however I must admit that I was very surprised as to how well it worked and how much progress I was able to make. This is all thanks to the amazing Lisa. Being tutored by Lisa is like being tutored by a friend. She is witty, engaging and very enthusiastic. Her love for subjects like Mathematics is contagious and simultaneously motivating. I always looked forward to our tutoring lessons. Moreover, when there was time, she would always put in some extra minutes just to make sure I understood everything. Her explanations and tricks to memorize important things were straight forward and quite brilliant. I always imagine what a great teacher to a class of 20 or more students she could be. Lastly, her enthusiasm and willingness to see her student succeed also drove me a lot. I didn’t want to let her down, knowing that she put so much work and effort into our success. Thank you, Lisa!”

Konstantin K.
Germany, ACT
(Final Score: 27, +6 pts)

“I didn’t have any test preparation in the beginning, but when prepping for the ACT or the SAT, my dad would read out of a book, which was kind of boring, kind of bland. I was isolated in my room, just reading words on a page. With Alex, it was kind of like I had someone to depend on, and it was like ‘Okay, I am actually meeting with someone at a certain time.’ I knew I had to be there, online, ready to video chat. That one-on-one connection is really the way to go, over any prep book. ArborBridge was definitely the way to go, because Alex was one of the best tutors. With the help of Alex I accomplished my goal and came out with a score of a 31.”

Kieran K.
(Final Score: 31, +8 pts)

“Having been in a number of different schools I have encountered a great diversity of teaching styles and I must say the one presented by Peter is one of the most effective ones. Preparing for standarised test is a task that is quite inconvenient when one is in the course of completing their high school diploma, but somehow whenever I remember that I have a tutoring session with Peter, I do not mind the extra work at all! The lessons are both incredibly productive and relaxing, a combination that I thought was impossible to achieve, but Peter proved me wrong!”

Marta W.
(Final Score: 33, +6 pts)

“When I first began to look for ways to study for the SAT, my friends at school recommended that I looked into ArborBridge. I was interested in the idea that I could use technology to my advantage and study wherever, whenever. From the moment I contacted ArborBridge, they were very helpful in helping me decide which program best suited my needs. They then put me in touch with one of their tutors, Paul, for a demonstration lesson. Paul gave me an excellent first impression of the program, so I decided to continue. Paul also helped me decide that the ACT, not the SAT, was better for me.

I was worried that schoolwork and tennis would severely affect my ability to study for the exam, but Paul was flexible and helped me work around my tight schedule. What I liked most about my tutoring experience was that Paul always had a positive attitude, which motivated me to work harder. In the end, we were able to raise my ACT score from 22 to 33. I will be forever grateful to Paul and ArborBridge. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without them!”

Paulina P.
(Final Score: 33, +11 pts)

“Working with Sam has been an absolute blast. The lessons with him whilst being immensely productive were also incredibly fun and enjoyable. Without getting tired, stressed or annoyed you discover new strategies and learn new concepts from lesson to lesson. Whether during a lesson or at any other time Sam is always eager to help. Living in the UK , I was aware that there is a 5-hour time difference with where he lived. However, it seemed to me that no matter what time I reach out to ask him for help, he always replies within 10 minutes. Perhaps Sam never sleeps. As a result of all his efforts, I got a 5-point increase in my ACT composite.”

Ivan L.
(+5 pts)

“I had several SAT tutors during my junior year, and John was by far the most helpful. He taught me tricks and techniques that no other tutor had before. The vast amount of materials that he has really helps to personalize the experience and cater it to what I need to improve on, not a general plan that can be used for everyone. I also felt that there was a real one on one experience even though it was over video chat. John was very helpful and I would definitely recommend him.”

Matthew W.

“Working with ArborBridge has been a great experience because these sessions have been specifically tailored to improve my weaknesses. Through working with Sam, I saw a 220 point improvement on my SAT Reasoning score, an 80 point improvement on the Literature Subject Test, and a 190 on Math Level 1 Subject Test. Overall, I have been extremely pleased with my experience and would recommend working with ArborBridge.”

Zeina M.
Saudi Arabia, SAT Subject Tests

“I cannot thank you enough for all the support you have given me over the last year in both the SAT and the Subject Tests. The improvement in chemistry was amazing in such a short space of time, and somehow I managed a perfect score on the math. I’ve been celebrating non-stop since I saw the results.”

Alex B.
(+500 pts)

“ArborBridge tutors are absolutely superb. In addition to having great knowledge and credentials, they are great teachers AND engaging. My son enjoyed the process and looked forward to his sessions, resulting in a 500 point score improvement!”

Robert B., father of Alex

“Oli used ArborBridge when it became clear he needed 1:1 tutoring for the SAT tests. Being a Brit he had no idea of how to do them and had to learn. Sam guided him through the different techniques. Oli is an able student and performed well in all the practice sessions but never did as well in the actual exams which was a shame. But he made steady progress over the three times he took the tests and managed a creditable 2110 in October 2015. For the SAT 2’s he had a bit of help with Literature from Sam and managed a 730 score. French he had one lesson and got 710. The great thing was that Oli and Sam had a great rapport and Sam helped him get his head around the concept of the SAT exams and best of all Oli got an ED place at Penn!! Thanks for all your help and support.”

Caroline, mother of Oli

“Sam has the knack of making potentially bland content both interesting and relevant. A lot of the skills he taught me for the Literature test I continue to use, even though I have long completed all my SATs. He is a kind, patient, empathetic and interesting tutor and had it not been for him I surely would not have achieved the results I did in my exams. Anyone who gets the opportunity to work with Sam is very lucky!”

Carola D.
USA, SAT Subject Tests
(+140 pts, Literature
+220 pts, Math Level 1)

“The online setting made studying so easy, it always went by so quickly, and the homework was very manageable. I always felt I was learning the most I ever could. I would completely recommend ArborBridge to any of my friends! I got accepted to my dream school, the University of Pennsylvania, which has a 7% acceptance rate. In no way would that have been possible without the help of my incredible tutor and the ArborBridge community. ArborBridge is really a phenomenal service, and I really, really, really enjoyed working with them. I wanted to thank ArborBridge for everything they did to help me make my dreams come true.”

Sophie B.
(+620 pts)

“In her junior year, my daughter took the Kaplan test prep course for the SAT. When she took the official exam, she felt very unprepared and her scores improved by only 100 points. As we were hoping to get into a very competitive university, we felt our chances were fair. I was referred to Rhodes Educational Consulting. There we worked with Gilli, who had worked in the admissions process at her alma mater. She was very efficient, focused, and a fantastic college essay coach. They referred us to ArborBridge where Kate Ballard-Rosa jumped in immediately and offered her assistance to get my daughter properly ready for the SAT. She got her onto an effective vocabulary website, tutored her selflessly in writing and math, and worked with improving specific skills that the practice tests showed needed work. The combination of these two ladies resulted in a 300-point increase on the SAT and a beautifully crafted essay in only three weeks time. Most importantly, the essay and improved score reflected the essence of who my daughter truly is. She is now extremely competitive and we feel very hopeful that she will get into the college of her choice.”

Sara, mother of Acacia

“ArborBridge helped me tremendously throughout my application process—I had tutoring for the SAT and the French and Maths II Subject Tests. The tutors were fantastic; they focused on my individual strengths and weaknesses to help me get the maximum score I could, and suggested useful study tactics as well as going through anything I found hard in detail. As a result, I didn’t have to re-sit the tests I took after ArborBridge’s help because my scores were higher than what I hoped for. Thank you so much ArborBridge—I couldn’t be happier with the result!”

– Sofya
Russia, SAT
(+280 pts)

“It was very convenient to work in an online environment because lessons could be arranged individually. Sofya liked the lesson styles themselves—it was very helpful and she could concentrate on every little nuance which might come up in the exam. The online model was great—I think it works really and the screen-sharing function with annotation is helpful as well.”

Tatiana, mother of Sofya
Russia, SAT

“We had no idea what the ISEE entailed or how to go about preparing for the test, so we turned to ArborBridge for guidance. Gilli was wonderful and made test prep a breeze for my child. The one-to-one attention turned out to be very efficient use of my child’s time, and Gilli even came to our house for the sessions (and was always punctual)! Her flexibility for rescheduling was a blessing as well, as open houses/school events would randomly appear sometimes at weeks’ notice. Gilli also gives very clear explanations and connected very well with my child. Whereas my friends’ children were spending 4+ hours a week on group classes, we only needed one hour sessions every so often because the instruction was tailored to address my child’s individual needs. I would often wonder whether my child was working hard enough for the test, as it mostly seemed my child was hardly working at all. My child was able to continue all of their usual extracurricular activities throughout the process, and test prep never interfered with school/other work. ArborBridge also sets up mock tests, which was very helpful for my child to figure out time management issues for the test. In the end, my child aced the test without sacrificing usual activities. We would definitely highly recommend Gilli as a tutor. She is truly outstanding. Thank you, ArborBridge!”

Parent of 6th grade student

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