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Our ability to serve counselors and their students anywhere in the U.S. and abroad makes us an ideal solution for counselors who want to give their students access to the best tutors.


Both you and your students can rely on ArborBridge to deliver the highest level of professionalism. We make sure that counselors have a deep understanding of our revolutionary approach to SAT and ACT test prep, so your students can rest easy knowing that they will receive a fully customized and quality tutoring experience.

Progress Updates

As students progress through ArborBridge’s programs, we make sure to keep counselors informed. If students are on track, you will get emails saying so, and we’ll report their scores on practice exams. More importantly, if students struggle, we’ll immediately contact you to enlist your support and help us address the root cause of the difficulties.

Goal Setting

Before students begin with ArborBridge, we discuss their goals at length. This includes which college admissions test they’re taking, what their testing schedule will be, and what their target score increases will be. Conferring with counselors ensures complete assurance of the attainability and ultimate success of a student’s goals.

“My families are thrilled with the service they receive at ArborBridge. By establishing timelines and reasonable goals, as well as always being available to answer questions, ArborBridge alleviates the stress often associated with test preparation.”

Alexandra Rhodes

Rhodes Educational Consulting 

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We are committed to providing educational professionals with the best tools to help their families navigate the college admission test process.

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We’ll take care of your students’ standardized test goals, so you can spend more time on the other aspects of the application process. Connect with us today and find out how you and your students can benefit from working with ArborBridge.


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